"they left us something more precious than silver and gold..."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"watcha doin?"

lucy's latest saying..."watcha doin mommy?"
...well it was a busy july...here's what i've been doin

saying good-bye to my sweet grandpa gourley. my gramps passed away on july 19th...at his home, peacefully. i'm not sure if it is ever easy to say good-bye and when i think of my grandpa, it just seems like he will always be there...because he always was there, for every important thing in my life. every one.

alot of people didn't even know that my grandpa had one artificial leg from the knee down. he lost his leg working in the steel fire pits at geneva in provo, ut. he was only off 6 months before he was back to work. that was a lesson i learned from my grandpa..."when the going gets tough, the tough gets going." tough is an understatement...his determination and drive to succeed has been an influential example in my life.

his love for my grandma speaks for itself...high school sweet hearts...60 years of marriage. he would do anything for my grandma and for his entire family. my grandfather didn't have to tell you how much he loved the Lord...he showed you his love for the gospel of Jesus Christ by showing charity, love, and understanding to everyone around him.

i was so grateful to spend the weekend with my sisters, mom & dad...time to rememeber our grandfather's influence and time spent supporting and loving my grandmother.

his legacy...4 children, 23 grandchildren, and 36 great-grandchildren. our kids refer to my grandma & grandpa as the "GREATS" because they are just that. i will miss you gramps, thank-you for your example and so much more.

*"what else ya been doin?"

*soaking up rays at the annual kesler reunion in island park, id...

here's to a week of:

*lots of swimming!

*putting swimsuits on at 8am and taking them off at 8pm!

*no 30 hour work shifts!, limited cell phone coverage, lots of hours driving in the car - quaility time together (kinda!), no tv, and a room at the lodge (thanx babe!)

*actually getting a picture of lucy with me...kinda looking at the camera!

*a little too much time on our hands (this is the very mild version)...

*playing with cousins! that's right 14 cousins under the age of 5!

*lots of games...balancing on the surf boards, family bingo, don't forget the lyrics, long runs & swimming from one side of the lake to the other, water balloon toss, s'mores, scavenger hunt, and the usual "random" kesler late night games (and they wonder why i try to sneak off to bed...jk!!!)
*lots of skiing and boating...did i say lots, i mean seriously alot.

*trying to act legit.

*taking the first ring off our paper chain...our residency countdown chain...11 months to go!

...the update. so now i'm off to check your blogs and see "whatcha been doin!"


Misty K said...

Glad to see your update!! Love the pics of your grandpa, what an amazing guy!! The pics of the cabin are cut, funny, & other things ;) I think I need to sign a release form for you to have pics of me in my swim suit you know because it is harmful to others health!! Love ya xoxops that pic of you and cam is HOT

Summer said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I can't believe how much Ben looks like him - funny. You are such a babe in those pics by the way!
And, Island park looked beautiful. I have only been there in the winter for snowmobiling when everything is literally covered by snow.

walbruchs said...

Cam - Send me more photos from Island Park! I love the chain countdown...guess I could add one to my room, how may links for 3 more years? You're buggin'
Love ya!

Humphries said...

What a great tribute to your grandpa. What a busy summer you have had. I love the pics from Island Park, what a fun family trip.

Kemp Kuties said...

We heard a little bit about your family reunion from Linda. :)

It was super good to see you at Grandpa's funeral. I wish all of us could get together more often and watch the kids play (I'm including husbands too). Take care

Lindsay said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa, he was a great one. My heart goes out to his sweet wife and your dear mother. I love you guys. Also, I got your message the other night, but the ph # I have for u isn't working. Call me again please!

go mom go said...

I love those photos of your gramps. So sorry to hear about his death. What a great legacy he has left for your children.
You stayed at a lodge in Island Park? So smart! I made Brad drag a trailer up there this year. It's nice to have a place of your own when the cabin gets so crowded. Looks like you had a wonderful time, so glad to hear it.

The Brown's said...

Camu it looks like your family reunion was a ton of fun! It was really great to see you at Grandpa's funeral. You have super cute kids. Congrats on the countdown. Hope it goes super quick!

*J*E*N* said...

So sorry about your grandpa-I love that first picture of him in the Navy? It is priceless! Looks like the reunion was fun and eventful-you make me tired!

Erin said...

We were up at the cabin the week before your family was there. Jonathan did go back up with Aubrey for a couple of days while I was at girls camp. I love that picture of you girls jumping into the lake. Misty and Katie are hilarious. Plugging their noses. I.P. is so fun. Would have loved to see you.

BOWDENS said...

What a great tribute to your grandpa. Looks like you've had a fun summer. I'm loving your long hair! It looks good on you. Your girls are so cute and Savannah looks so grown up. Talk to you soon.

Brianne said...

Hi Cam!

I LOVE the pictures at the lake! It is so beautiful. I have never been there, but it is now on my list! ha. My website is www.photographybybrianne.com

banks said...

What a nice tribute to your grandpa.
I love the picture of Island Park. I think I told you we have a cabin on Henry's Fork outlet in Island Park. My family has been up a couple of time this summer. Seeing your pictures makes me miss that place. It looks like you had so much fun. Yeah, that you have only eleven months left. Love the other Kami